Illustration & Interactive Design

Jaw-Dropping First Impressions

Catch the world's attention with visuals that reflect your one-in-a-million personality. At first we'll work together to talk about what's important to you and who you're aiming at, then Mechanical House will work night and day to give you a professional, creative visual presence that you'll want to shout about!

Illustration1 2.png

Because a pixel is worth a thousand words.

Mechanical House offers a range of illustration services, all with their roots in colourful, hand-drawn visuals. Everything from fiction and non-fiction illustration to striking infographics, app illustrations and more, we can work together to brighten up your projects with colours that match your unique personality!



Do you have a solid and thriving business, but often find yourself caught in lengthy explanations of what you do? Or perhaps you're struggling to get buy-in for a new idea, or a new venture you believe in. Mechanical House's interactive models are designed from the ground up to communicate your message in the clearest way possible. While fitting naturally alongside your existing branding, they'll always be unique to you, always engaging and always fun. 

Mechanical House uses up to date HTML 5 technology to ensure your interactive design works on every browser, desktop or mobile, every time. To communicate your message in a playful and engaging way, each bespoke model makes practical use of dynamic physics engines and colourful, hand-drawn illustrations.